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Learn From The Best Yoga Books

The Yoga Book Club makes it easy for you to deepen your yoga practice - from the source texts to modern neuroscience and everything in between. Starting with an in-depth study of the most important source text of yoga: The Yoga Sutra.

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Feel Like You Just Did Yoga... All The Time

You know yoga is not about how flexible you are. You could be the most flexible person in the world and still be anxious, overwhelmed and reactive.

How do you cultivate compassion when someone hurts you? How do you find peace and calm when there's a sudden pandemic and your career and health are at risk? 

The sense of ease you feel at the end of a yoga class doesn't have to end there. It can be carried over into your relationships, your health, your career and all areas of your life.

This is called Bhakti Yoga (the practice of reverence for yourself and others) and Jnana Yoga (the application of wisdom). These paths pre-date modern asana based yoga and, to this day, are the most widely practiced forms of yoga in India. In this way you can be doing yoga, and receiving it's benefits, all the time.

This is the heart of yoga.

This what we share in the Yoga Book Club

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From Theory to Practice

One definition of yoga is "skill in action." We're all about helping you apply this incredible, 3000+ year old wisdom to your life, relationships, finances, career - all aspects of your life. These teachings have stood the test of time through all the ups and downs of history and we'll share new insights every week about how you can apply them to your life.

Always Be Improving

Anatomy, sequencing, philosophy. It's all here. We'll cover the best books on the most interesting topics to keep you growing in your practice. Jeremy and Christine add 16+ years of experience and insights to the books they share so you can make everything applicable to your life. Still have questions? In the Yoga Book Club you have full access to us to ask all your yoga related questions.


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